Weaving the Magic

A while ago, I was lucky enough to be allowed into the workshop of local maker, and extremely busy and successful weaver, Harriet Goodall. I live in a small, but prolifically creative little corner of New South Wales called The Southern Highlands.  This is really three large towns plus a gathering of villages spread out over about a thirty kilometre or so radius.  Within this creative landscape I am fortunate to have found friends and acquaintances who are writers, painters, ceramicists, weavers, cheese-makers, metal sculptors, booksellers, actors, jewellers, photographers and more.

credit for this photo only: Harriet Turnnidge

When I was renovating and building our house recently, the one flourish I wanted to add at the end of the long and (mostly) exciting process was a trio of handmade pendant lights by a local maker. I gave Harriet a brief that was pretty vague, and went something like this: ‘natural colours to reflect the landscape, a bit of brass, naïve forms that are somewhat deconstructed, something large enough to cope with high ceilings and something that doesn’t distract from the view,’ and voila! Harriet came up with these three beauties. She even forged the brass fixings.  I adore them.

Gina Umoren Photography

They hang above our dining table and throw the most magical patterns at night. When I’m writing at my desk in the middle of my living area, I often look up at them and think about all the work and love that Harriet put into them. I feel so fortunate to be inspired by such beauty and the incredibly clever people around me.

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