Welcome to my inspiration page. Here you’ll find my blather about creative adventures, artists and makers, books and settings, and just, well, stuff that happens…

The Garden at Merrivale

When I wrote The Daughter’s Promise and set the story around the gardens of the fictional Merrivale Estate, I had been inspired by the most beautiful garden in Boat Harbour, Tasmania, that had been nurtured for many years by my aunt and uncle.  Whilst Merrivale’s garden in the book is quite different to my aunt’s… Read more

The Beach Setting for The Daughter’s Promise

The setting for The Daughter’s Promise was inspired by the most magical little beach I know.  Boat Harbour Beach on the north-west coast of Tasmania is jaw-droppingly beautiful, and the water is equally jaw-dropping in temperature. It is always freezing! I am always reminded when I dip my toes in the water there, that Tasmania… Read more

Weaving the Magic

A while ago, I was lucky enough to be allowed into the workshop of local maker, and extremely busy and successful weaver, Harriet Goodall. I live in a small, but prolifically creative little corner of New South Wales called The Southern Highlands.  This is really three large towns plus a gathering of villages spread out… Read more